My favorite holiday is Halloween, my favorite color is green, and I would eat a bowl of macaroni and cheese on my deathbed. I love horror films, photography (although I have no talent for it), sewing, singing, reading, and writing. I have been working on my first novel, based on the true story of how my parents met and fell in love, on and off (mostly off) since around 2012…maybe someday I’ll finish it. I love conspiracy theories, ufology, scuba diving, treehouse architecture, non-euclidean geometry, but most of all, Jesus.

I met and married my best friend while attending the finest school in the Big 12 (Wreck ‘em Tech)! We both nurtured a passion for design while studying architecture, although, he is the only one of us to make a career of it. I followed up my architecture degree with a second in civil engineering and, in an unexpected career turn, am employed (now on a part-time-work-from-home contract basis) as an air quality consultant.

In 2013, I welcomed my favorite job as Malcolm’s mommy, and in 2015 he was joined by baby sister, Alice Jane! This blog is a little chronicle of our family of four. You don’t have to read far to know that God has granted us inestimable gifts and I only hope that we are successful in using them to further His kingdom.

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