Monday, March 25, 2013

Malcolm's Dinosaur Nursery

I was driven to blogging again for two reasons: 1) To keep my widespread family updated on MW’s accomplishments, while simultaneously preventing my Facebook acquaintances from feeling inundated, and 2) To give myself a platform to pin some of my own photos (however narcissistic that may be), particularly of MW’s nursery! The Mr. and I spent countless hours prepping what is, in my completely biased opinion, the cutest dinosaur-themed nursery in Chicagoland!

When I was a little girl, I went through a huge dinosaur phase, but was always disappointed that everything was designed for boys. My brilliant and crafty mother did her best to satiate my prehistoric nostalgia – even cross-stitching a cardigan with dinosaurs in neon shades of pink, orange, and green (which, to this day, is my favorite thing she’s ever made me – and that’s a stiff competition).

Eventually I'll take a better picture of this:

When the Mr. and I found out we were expecting a bouncing baby boy, we dug right into the dino theme! Mr. painted the room a neutral grey and installed crown molding. The glider, ottoman, and raspberry Jenny Lind nightstand were purchased from the Land of Nod. The Babies R Us dresser and bookcase were updated with dinosaur-shaped brushed nickel knobs from Pottery Barn Kids. The blue dino rug and navy lampshades were also PBK finds.

My mom sewed the crib sheets, Boppy cover, and changing pad cover from a set of full sized PBK dinosaur sheets. She also sewed the full-length navy geometric curtains, which are lined with heavy blackout fabric and hung with grommets.

I created the graphic above the crib by re-coloring a high resolution image of the Jurassic Park logo in Photoshop, using the color pallet in the dinosaur butcher prints hung above the dresser. The butcher prints and other artwork throughout the room were found on Etsy. My particular favorite is the crochet faux taxidermy triceratops head made by Hadar Kaplan of Manafka Mina!

MW’s bookcase and closet are both testaments to how generous our sweet friends and family have been! The top and middle shelves display my childhood dinosaur toys, but the rest are all amazing new finds! We’ve also been blessed with TONS of books! I hope MW enjoys reading as much as the Mr. and me!

And clearly, the poor kid has nothing to wear or play with! ;)

Here's a close-up of the closet dividers I made using label paper and blank plastic dividers I found at the Container Store:

We started work on the nursery in January and were finished by mid-March 2013 with time to spare! We tried to avoid making things overly match-y, theme-y, or babyish, and hope MW can grow with most of the d├ęcor through elementary school!

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